You must learn how to protect yourself as a consumer before undertaking a major home renovation. Especially when you’re selecting a roofing company in the Toronto area. Hire the best, most qualified, and properly certified roofers to get quality results and the peace of mind you’ve always wanted.


However, you must know that selecting the right roofing company to trust your home’s roofing work is not an easy task. A lot of homeowners in and around Ontario have committed similar mistakes—they give the job right away to the cheapest contractors or simply because the contractors were “in the neighbourhood”.


Roofers in Ontario are pretty much unregulated so it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to perform your due diligence. So, where do you start? Below are key things that you need to look for in a roofing company before you award them the contract.




The most important thing that roofers should have is insurance. Your contractor should have at least a liability insurance and a worker’s compensation. Ask them for their certificates and call their insurance companies to confirm that these are valid. 


On top of that, ask your contractor about their health and safety practices. Your contractor should be able to walk you through how their roofers are equipped and trained to do the job. Ontario law requires roofers to have a “working at heights” training card as part of the Occupational and Safety Act. It’s a big red flag if the roofing contractor can’t present insurance, additional certification, and/or licensing for their business.




One of the most overlooked elements when hiring a roofing company is hiring a local contractor. A lot of homeowners make a mistake by hiring a contractor that’s miles away from their residence.


Hiring a local contractor with an established reputation in the local community gives you peace of mind. You’ll be assured that the company is not a fly-by-night firm or a company that would suddenly vanish in the middle of the project. 


Moreover, you can get some referrals from your neighbourhood and get some more information about the roofing company. It’s also easier to contact them and avail of their warranty if in case something happens with your roof after the work has been completed.




You must not take away experience out of the equation when hiring for roofers. Experience is extremely important if you can want to get quality results at a shorter time. Experienced roofers know how to deal with any roofing situation and can execute efficient methods to complete the work. In addition, the roofing contractor’s number of years in the business can assure you that they’re an established and legitimate company trusted by the community for so many years.




The other thing that is paramount is communication. It’s never a minor thing. Certainly, you don’t want your roofers to be ghosting you. Your roofing contractor should establish clear and constant communication with you. They should be able to follow through on that promise at the same time provide you with the complete documentation that you need. 




You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find out about the roofing company when you read the reviews about them. Researching about the roofing company you’re shortlisting will enable you to uncover negative feedback, red flags, complaints, and charges. Look them up through the Better Business Bureau as well as in the Consumer Beware List for any information about them that might help you with your decision. Check the references as well to give you a more comprehensive idea about the roofing company you’re hiring.



You have to keep in mind that price isn’t always everything when hiring a roofing contractor. You must know what to look for in a roofing company before you award them the job when looking in Procally. At the end of the day, it will save you time, effort, and money.