Don’t put your families at risk by cutting corners on electrical work. If you’re thinking about jumping on a DIY electrical project at home or getting your friend, co-worker, or next-door neighbour to do it for you just to save some money, think again.

Electrical work, regardless of the magnitude of work that needs to be done, must be performed by an experienced and licensed professional electrician in Toronto. Hiring somebody who’s not licensed to save some money can lead to catastrophic results.




The government of Ontario has increased its crackdown on unlicensed electrical contractors. One man was fined $50,000 after performing electrical work without applying for an electrical inspection and electrical contractor’s license. In addition, the man had to spend 5 days in jail as a result of the violation.

There’s a lot of individuals posing as professional electricians but are not really licensed electrical contractors. Not only is the government after these individuals, the work that these individuals don’t align and comply with the regulations of the government, especially the Electricity Act or the Ontario Regulation 570/05

Moreover, the consequences of the work performed by unlicensed individuals can be fatal. A great example is what happened back in 2018 when a family in Toronto hired someone to install their landscape lighting. The individual who had no experience with exterior cabling ended up dead after getting electrocuted by his own work.

Another risk in trusting your electrical work to someone who is unlicensed and inexperienced is its impact on your home insurance policy in case something happens. Insurance companies automatically void the policy as soon as they find out that you hired somebody who’s not professionally licensed to do your electrical work.




It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to only hire a professional licensed electrician to do any electrical work. Besides being compliant with Ontario laws, there’s a lot of advantages to doing this. These are the following:


  • Safety. The most important advantage of hiring a licensed professional electrician is safety. This is a top priority and one thing that nobody should sacrifice. Again, the results can be disastrous if you trust your electrical work to somebody who’s not trained and licensed to do electrical works.


  • Accredited with the government. Licensed electrical contractors have to be listed with the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency of the Electrical Safety Authority. They can provide their ECRA/ESA license number as well as issue an ESA Certificate of Inspection after the work is complete.


  • You can actually save money. Hiring a professional licensed electrical contractor can be expensive but it has its long-term benefits. Imagine having to spend on materials, tools, and other supplies if you’re going to DIY the electrical work. Or, having to spend more money after a botched repair or work done by somebody who’s not professional.


  • Right the first time. Perhaps the great advantage of hiring a licensed electrician is getting the job right the first time. Regardless of how small the electrical work is, you’ll know that the licensed electrician can complete it fast and correctly. Trusting some unlicensed handyman can lead to more complex problems and will cost you more money if the electrical repair fails.




The best way to keep your home and family safe is to hire the most qualified, professional, and licensed electrician to do any electrical work. You’ll be assured that the job gets done faster, safer, and correctly.

However, experienced electricians have a big advantage because of their exposure to a lot of different electrical situations. They can easily navigate through any complex electrical work and find solutions faster. They can even come up with out-of-the-box solutions and ideas to make the electrical work a lot better and more organized.




Hiring an experienced and professional licensed electrician is the safest decision that you can make. You should never compromise safety. Not only is it disastrous, but it’s also costly and it doesn’t make sense. You can indeed save a few bucks when you DIY or perhaps, get some handymen to do simple electrical works. But, at the end of the day, it’s a matter of safety and getting the job done correctly the first time and this is where Procally can connect you to licensed professionals.