Moving is an exceptionally stressful activity. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of things to consider. Moreover, you’re working on a very tight timeline. It’s too tempting to attempt to do the entire work yourself. From packing to the actual move, it sounds like something you can do by yourself.


But, have you considered the stress of packing, the time it takes to sort things and throw them into different boxes, labelling, loading them into the car or truck, and driving miles to your new location? Not so easy as it sounds like, isn’t it?


That’s why it’s important to consider hiring professional movers in Toronto to take care of the job. Yes, they do cost a lot of money. But hiring professional movers can save you a lot of stress too. 


Let’s compare the pros and cons of hiring movers below:




There’s a lot of benefits to hiring movers when moving to your new home. These benefits outweigh the little advantages of deciding against hiring them.


  • Safety. Your topmost priority when moving to your new home is safety. From the moment you start packing your things to driving to your new location, safety should be at the forefront. 


Doing the packing yourself, let alone moving the boxes, can come with so many risks. You might be in danger of falling, tripping, or hurting yourself from lifting and moving heavy items. The whole idea of gathering your things, packing them up, loading, and unloading demands a lot physically. When not done properly, you can be in serious physical danger that compromises your safety. 


Professional movers can get the job done right without sacrificing safety. They’re trained professionals in how to pack, move, load, and unload heavy things. You can ensure your safety by letting these professional movers do all the work.


  • Convenience and efficiency. Hiring professional movers is the most convenient decision you’ll ever make when moving to your new home. Not only will you be saved from all the hard work of packing, moving, and unloading your things to your new home, you’ll also get a more efficient way of doing this work. Faster and more reliable. 


Just think of it: moving from one home to the other will require you, your friends, and/or relatives to help you with the packing alone. Moreover, there could be a big potential that you’re going to make multiple trips and take several days to complete the move.


  • Protection. One of the most important benefits of hiring professional movers is protection for your belongings. When you do decide to DIY, there’s a big chance that some of your belongings might break during the move. Professional movers provide proper and careful handling of your belongings—from load to transit to unload. They have the proper techniques and they also use the right equipment to make sure that your belongings arrive from one home to another in perfect condition.
  • Less stress. Ultimately, professional movers take away the stress out of the whole equation. From the moment you award them the contract to the point of paying them, everything’s pretty much taken cared of. All you have to do is provide them with clear instructions and set the right expectations and then wait at your new home for your belongings to arrive.




Hiring professional movers do come with a bit of a disadvantage. However, it’s up to you what weighs heavier: money or stress. The disadvantages of hiring professional movers can be summed up into the following below.


  • Expensive. Hiring professional movers cost money—a lot of money to be exact. It’s really expensive, no doubt about that. It’s expensive since you’re paying for professional help.
  • Less Control. One of the overlooked things when hiring professional movers is flexibility or control. Since the movers are responsible for the end-to-end, you’ll have less control and flexibility around some aspects of the move. The movers may dictate the time and date of the pick-up and it might be a little difficult to change the agreed dates. Sometimes, it takes a couple of weeks for the truck to arrive, especially when the movers have several stops between locations.




Ultimately, the most essential reason for hiring professional movers with Procally when moving to your new home is to eliminate the stress that comes with it. Of course, it can be expensive. But, it’s nothing compared to the benefits that come with trusting a professional mover to do the work.