Today there are more millionaires in Canada than ever before, and that number is climbing higher every day. According to an article by CBC, it is projected that Canadian millionaires will increase by more than half in the following 5 years. It is clear that businesses are booming in the Canadian economy, but where does that leave the rest of us? With big companies funding millions in resources, it becomes a daunting task for ones who run a small business or even worse a start-up. How can the corner store compete with the mega brands? How can a local business prevent being priced out by the competition, or buried in the avalanche of competitor advertisements?

Small businesses hold a crucial component for the Canadian economy, moreover, they hold an image of Canadian identity. They strengthen the principles of community engagement, collaboration, personalized attention and simply neighbors helping other neighbors. With gigantic companies taking over the little guys, how do they still sustain and be a viable player in their communities? Education provides tools to succeed, but the utilization of tools and converting the occasion into success is still much more elusive.

Cost of living has been on the rise, purchasing power is lower, and savings are only possible when you partake in side jobs that fill the time that was once spent with friends and family. For local businesses, there are no "off hours" or vacation time due to lack of clients; businesses are struggling to bring more exposure to their services.

As a nation, Canadians have incorporated technology into their everyday lives to a great extent. Food delivery, ridesharing, and even relationships have been entrusted to the realm of technology, so why can’t a local business find a way to leverage the community to grow? A marketplace with an online presence, bringing the opportunity to businesses and creating an environment for fair competition. A place that allows a business to utilize its most crucial asset: reputation. When the community needs a service, they want the best option to suit their individual needs, but often settle for whatever service is readily available. Why not both?

Procally Inc is a company that I recently started working for, they built a platform that is seeking to solve the struggles of a small business. It is incorporating an AI-based marketplace that creates portfolios for professionals with accurate user reviews, services, pricing range and a vast number of filtering options for clients to find services. Procally is the solution for a local business to take a step towards digital space, and gain more exposure to clients and increase brand awareness. Lead generation, scheduling, CRM and more, all handled on one platform giving back time to the small business owners to get more done and have the time to enjoy their success with friends and family.


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