Don’t just trust any plumber to take care of any plumbing work at home. Hire the best plumber in Toronto and the local area. Know the most essential things to look for in a local plumber.

Your home’s plumbing system is a complex set of pipes and fixtures. It’s responsible for water flow and distribution, drainage, sanitation, and waste and/or sewage disposal. At times, when a part of the plumbing system breaks, you can confidently just grab your tools and attempt to fix it. That’s true for minor problems, such as a leaky faucet or a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink.

Other than that, any other plumbing work requires the expertise of a professional plumber. Otherwise, one simple mistake in the repair or installation could spell disaster. Worse, it can compromise personal and public safety.




A lot of homeowners spend a ton of time looking for and researching about plumbers in the city only to hire someone mediocre to do the job. The experience gets much worse during emergency cases. Homeowners tend to offer the job to the first guy they talk to.

The reason? They don’t exactly know what to look for in a local plumber. Sure, there are plumbers who are more than happy to do the job. The question is: do they have the right qualifications let alone the best in their craft?

There are a lot of things that you can consider before finally making a decision on who to hire. There’s the rate, warranty, customer service, registration, accreditation, and to some extent, communication skills. While all these are good qualifications, there are 3 essential things that you just need to know to make your research a lot easier and enable you to decide faster. These are the following.


1. Licensed. The city of Toronto through the License and Permit Issuing Office issues a Master Plumber license to a plumber who has spent at least 9,000 hours of training and 720 hours of technical classroom training (both of these are a requirement for a plumber certificate of qualification). At the same time, the plumber has to comply with all the requirements for the license, such as a health & safety declaration and original Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check, among others.


Hiring a licensed local plumber assures you that he has spent a significant amount of time mastering the craft. He’s not some run-of-the-mill handyman who thinks he can do the job. Most importantly, you’re getting the services of someone who has been legally recognized by the city of Toronto to perform any type of plumbing work. Whether it’s a repair or a complete design and implementation of your home’s plumbing work, you can never go wrong with working with somebody who’s legally accredited to do the job.


2. Insured and bonded. Insurance reduces the risk of spending more money caused by damages as a result of the plumbing work. You won’t always pray that some mishaps can happen. But in the event that something will happen due to negligence or accidents, you’re assured that you can be reimbursed for any damages.


The plumber’s insurance is an added advantage for you even if you already have your own home insurance. The rule of thumb is for the plumber to have liability insurance of around $500,000 to cover for damages. On top of that, the surety bond can cover whatever the insurance can’t reimburse.


3. Experience. When you hire a licensed local plumber, find someone who has plenty of years in the industry. Unlike inexperienced plumbers who spend a lot of time figuring out what the problem is. Experienced plumbers are exposed to different plumbing situations. They can easily get the job done faster. They can immediately spot what’s wrong or understand what needs to be done. Their number of years in the industry gives them a wealth of knowledge that enables them to make crucial decisions that save time and money.

By knowing these top three things to look for in a local plumber, you should be able to reduce your time trying to research whether the plumber you’re shortlisting is the right man for the job. As long as you’re able to establish these three key essential things, you only have to worry about the local plumber’s rate and availability and luckily you can start searching here at Procally.