The recent global pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another, but the good news is that we will get through this pandemic just like we have gotten through many other things in human history. We will go back to work and school shortly and will once again gather in restaurants, theatres, and sports stadium. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses, and their customers, are eagerly anticipating the government’s announcement which will allow them to open their doors once again and get back to business.


The most popular services after COVID-19


From necessities to recreational activities, people are craving normality, like back when we were allowed to leave our homes and stand within three feet of each other. 

So what are the services we miss the most? Procally conducted a survey among its customers and professionals to find which services are going to be the most popular. Check out the list below to see the results:


  1. Barbers/Salons:People are ordering hair dye kits and grabbing scissors to tame the unruly quarantine locks. Hairstylists cringe as bowl cuts continue to pop up on social media. You can rest assured that getting proper hair treatment will be at the top of everyone's list.


  1. Manicurists: Extensive handwashing and sanitizing have taken their toll. I'm calling tomorrow to book my nail appointment for months in advance.


  1. Personal Trainers: The Quarantine 15. If you're home, snacking is a few footsteps away. Much like New Years, being released from captivity is going to give people motivation. 


  1. Dog Grooming and Vet Services: Our dogs need haircuts, too. While Spot doesn't mind a bath, we don't love giving him one. 


  1. Physiotherapy (Massage):One of the first things taken out of the budget during COVID was my massage. Having the kids walk on my back just isn't the same.


  1. Yoga Instructors:Virtual yoga is a thing, but it's not the same with Fido barking in the background.


  1. Chiropractor:If there is one thing on everyone's minds, it is how to stay healthy. Everyone will be turning towards chiropractors, especially since we all have been doing a little extra sitting around—snacking.


  1. Dentists:I bet those teeth are feeling fuzzy, especially if you missed a visit. While the dentist may not be everyone's favourite, we are all craving the normalcy of tooth polishing. 


  1. Appliance Repair:Spring is here. 'Tis the season for maintenance on appliances. YouTube has only gotten us so far.


  1. Handyman:Nothing, not even YouTube, can replace a qualified handyman. Think you've learned enough by fixing up your place during quarantine? You can try your hand in this area once the forcefield of captivity lifts.


  1. Tax Preparation: Two things are inevitable, as you know—death and taxes. We may be in a global pandemic. We may be in quarantine. We may be wearing masks. Taxes are due. They are always due. 


  1. Plumbing:Yet another vital need. I'll be pitching a tent should anything back up in my house without a plumber nearby.


  1. Painting:Home projects are getting done as the boredom takes root. That means many projects are going awry and need a skilled professional to fix them post-pandemic. 


  1. Tutoring:This is a no-brainer. Kids are home. The college is cancelled. We are going to be playing catch up. 


  1. Music Lessons:If you weren't already musically inclined pre-pandemic, you might have picked up a new hobby. While self-teaching is admirable, be sure to look up a professional on the outside.


From Uncertainty, To Beyond

Right now things feel uncertain. The uncertainties of the pandemic are enough to send anyone into virtual therapy offices. There is hope. Happening right now, people are coming together like never before to create impact on global levels. 


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