Pet grooming is not a vain activity. It’s never just an exercise to achieve good aesthetics. It’s an extremely important responsibility of every pet owner. Pet grooming is more than just making your pet look pretty.


Regular grooming is an integral part of your pet’s health and well-being. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or any kind of fur baby, it’s important that you give them the appropriate amount of grooming on a regular basis. Not only will you make them look and feel good, but you can also tackle important health conditions.


Below are the reasons why acquiring pet grooming in Toronto is important for your pet.   




You definitely don’t want your fur baby to have fleas or ticks. It’s extremely important to take care of their skin and fur, whether you’re preventing flea and tick infestation or trying to remove debris or loose hair. It’s recommended to bathe your pet regularly and use the right shampoo to kill and/or prevent ticks and fleas. 


While bathing alone doesn’t guarantee that you can fully get rid of these pests, it will allow you to spot these pests right away and remove them before the situation even gets worse. Or, you’ll be able to decide when to take your pet to the vet to undergo some medication to kill the parasites.


Regular brushing is also extremely recommended. It will help remove loose hair and other debris. For cat owners, this can also avoid severe stomach or intestinal blockages caused by swallowed hairballs. Taking care of your pet’s skin and fur can make them look and smell good. Most importantly, it’ll make your pet healthy and free of pests.




Regular cleaning of your pet’s eyes and ears should be part of their weekly grooming. This routine enables you to spot whether your pet has an eye or ear infection. You can take a peek inside their ears and check for foul odour, excess wax, or red and inflamed ears. You can also see other debris that may be causing the infection. When these things are present, it’s recommended to bring your pet to the vet for treatment.


Your pet’s eyes on the other hand should always appear shiny, moist, and clear. Otherwise, if you observe redness, cloudy appearance, or irritation, that is a good enough reason to have your vet check your pet.


Without these regular pet grooming routins, you won’t know if your pet is going through an eye or ear infection. It’s important to clean their eyes and ears to make them feel good at the same time to avoid any potential eye and ear conditions.




Two of the most overlooked aspects of pet grooming is the regular trimming of nails and brushing of teeth. A lot of pet owners rely on dental treats to keep their pet’s teeth healthy. That is a myth. It’s imperative to brush your pet’s teeth if you want to keep them healthy.


Regular brushing of your pet’s teeth is significantly important. Dental treats just won’t do the work. Regular brushing protects your pet from potential dental disease, which according to the Canadian statistics now affects 85% of pets by the age of 3. It’s recommended to brush your pet’s teeth at least twice per week.


Other pet owners also believe that their dogs or cats can naturally keep their teeth and nails healthy and clean. While this is sometimes true, there are adverse health effects if these are unchecked.


Long nails for dogs can become uncomfortable for them. Longer nails for dogs can potentially force them to change their gait. They end up walking on the side of their feet. This extremely painful and in the long run can cause arthritis and bone deformation if left untreated. So, if you want to prevent these things from happening, might as well trim your dog’s nails regularly or take them to a quick trip down the nearest pet grooming station.



Recently, there’s been a clamour for the Ontario government to require dog grooming as an essential service. The proponents agree on the health benefits it can give both to the pets and the pet owners. While this is being debated upon, there’s a lot of essential reasons why you should continue grooming your pet regularly by looking for a pet groomer here at Procally.